A Dream Living Room - My 1stDibs Living With Style Design Boards

Here is my concept for the 1stDibs pin-it-win-it Living With Style contest.  The deal was to create a dream living room using at least 3 pinned items from 1stDibs.  No problemo1stDibs is a constant source of inspiration for me.  Admittingly, I cannot afford most anything on offer.  But I reference the site often and use it as a guide when I am out and about scouting.

At first, I set out to challenge myself by restricting my choices to reasonably priced options.  But like the insatiable Augustus Gloop, I dove headfirst into the tempting chocolaty river of provenance.  I mean, a dream should be lofty, no?  With a future state in mind, I set about creating a pied-a-terre for a woman of means.  I envisioned a woman, newly unencumbered by obligation and the weight of too many things.  The stately apartment is some sort of prewar situation in the city with lots of good architectural elements.  She has downsized, keeping only the things that are most meaningful to her, things that she has collected over a lifetime of experiences, both happy and difficult.  She gravitates toward European colonial influences, but having observed the glamorous heyday of the 70s through her parent’s viewfinder, she enjoys an irreverent nod here and a heavy dash of shiny there.  Pink is the predominate color as everyone looks their best against a fleshy backdrop and art continues to be a constant companion.  In a word, me.  Me, in a future state, left to my own devices.  A modern day swan complete with a Capote-esque confidante.  This is a dream, after all.

Sitting area - Long interior wall

Sitting area - long exterior wall opposite sofa

Dining area elements -  short exterior wall 

LH entry - short interior wall

Because I had a long salon in mind for the living area, one that also included a dining area, it was difficult to capture all the elements in one or even two design boards.  As with all projects, I started out by sketching and quickly realized that a sketch was the best way to capture the big picture.  Even then, I only had time to do one perspective and I ran out of time in the end to really accessorize but between the boards and my sketch, I think it captures the essence of what I had in mind.

You can see my Living with Style pinboard here and follow my pinning madness here.

All photos and layouts by mrs. V

kisses,  mrs. V


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

This is so good. I love all of it. I was looking at a table that was a similar feel to your bird coffee table. So fun, and boy can you draw.

Julia Ryan said...

girl, this is so good. Di you do those illustrations too? They're perfection.