I'm Not Talking About the Weather Again, Except That I Am

I swore to myself that I absolutely would not mention this pitiful weather again.  I mean, only old people constantly talk about the weather, right?  But that is the only topic of conversation at Chez V right now.  The mr. knows how affected I am by the winter blues, so he has taken to consulting his weather app hourly in an effort to convince me that the sun will indeed come out some day soon and that temps will actually rise above 40 degrees.  Yesterday greeted me with even more snow.  And I discovered that the rabbits and deer have made a veritable feast of my emerging tulips.  Not surprising, given the Ice Age is upon us.  I went off the rails.  So much so that he kindly suggested I get the hell out of Dodge.  A quick trip is not in the cards so I went for the next best mood enhancer – color, in the form of flowers.  These orange tulips seemed a fitting replacement for my decimated bulbs.  Immediately my mood was improved after placing bursts of color around the house.  The photo bombs didn't hurt either.

Hey, hey, remember me, jazz hands? Check me out over here

Pensive, you say, I can do pensive

I can never quite steer completely away from my blue, but the orange is a nice change from my standard white

In complete irreverent defiance, rather than my occasional yoga, today I am making some insanely good cherry bars.  No matter about my hips, cuz Spring ain't coming.

All photos and layouts by mrs. V

kisses,  mrs. V


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Hahaha, Spring has forgotten us. Love the flowers and the super cutie helper. Maybe next week will be better weather? #ThisSucks

Unknown said...

Love the tulips with the blue and white, and your daughter is soooo precious. Im with you on the weather. We all are in dire need of sun and warm temps.
xo Nancy