Removable Wallpaper

We know the mr. is averse to wallpaper.  In fact, he adamantly refuses to even let me consider wallpaper as an option in Chez V.  What kind of meany would deny me such design pleasure?  His leading argument is that wallpaper is such a pain to remove.  Obviously this is predicated on the assumption that the paper would be removed, by us, at some point in time.  Now, he has a point.  I am famous for being fickle.  What I love this morning will most definitely change this afternoon and probably twice more by bedtime. I would like to think that if I were investing in such a statement in my home that I would pick something timeless.  Something that I wouldn’t want to change in a very long time.  But history wins out here.  I tend to get the itch every few years.  So the mr. is right in assuming that it is likely that he will be removing said wallpaper.  So what’s a girl to do when that itch to wallpaper is so strong it cannot be ignored?

Jane Lilly Warren's bedroom

Enter EasyChange Wallpaper by Sherwin Williams. A removable wallpaper option?  Sign me up. Jordan used it in her San Francisco apartment a few years ago.  She did a great follow up on the removal too.  And I was reminded of it again after seeing it used brilliantly by Jane Lilly Warren in her NYC apartment in the latest issue of Matchbook.   That blue bedroom?  Swoon.  She uses it again in the living room.

Jane's living room

Jordan's San Fran entry

Jordan removing the paper

You know I love me some tropical foliage.  Here are a few foliage options in the EasyChange lineup that caught my eye along with some just plain pretty options.









Some more slightly graphic options...





The website is absolute shite to use but if you have the patience to click through you can find a few gems.  Just click on the Easy Change logo here.  Seems like a perfect choice for renters looking to flex their design-minded muscles or for fickle fivetimeschangemymind flibbertyjibbets who are averse to commitment.

Anyone else used this stuff?  

Also, I feel compelled to point out that I am not being asked or paid by Sherwin Williams in any way to offer my opinions I am just a curious consumer who is interested.

kisses,  mrs. V


Kim said...

I love the idea, have never used it. I am biting the bullet and wallpapering my powder room next week. I feel it is a small space to make the "firm" commitment. We shall see!! Can't wait to hear reviews! xo

MFAMB said...

i have considered but i find most of it fucking horrendous looking.
you do it and then show me. i'll decide after a real person does it.