A Bath Renovation - 1960's ranch house

You want me to go to the bathroom where?!

I married a farmer.  Quite literally.  My husband grew up on 20 Mile Farm here in Cincinnati.  He was the 3rd generation of his family to work that land.  But 20 Mile Farm is a story for another day.  Farming is relevant only in that it emphasizes my husband’s approach to projects and his staunch unwillingness to part with money.  He comes from a long line of German and Dutch frugal peeps.  These farmers don’t pay people to do anything.

But my husband married an incompetent and spendy Greek.   Here is a quick example:  in college I couldn’t rub two nickels together.  When Dad would occasion to visit he would often give me 20 bucks.  What did I do with $20?  I did not run out & buy a bazillion raman noodle packets and thereby feed myself for weeks.  No.  What did dumb Spendy do?  Wooo hoo! Dinner and drinks on me girls!”  And *poof* my golden ticket vanished.

Back to the story.  I moved into my husband’s house, a 1960’s ranch with only 1 bathroom the day after we married.  The first in a long line of necessary renovations was the bathroom.  The previous owners had sponge-painted it pink.  I immediately slapped some leftover paint I found in the garage just to cover up that hideousness.  But, well, that was like putting lipstick on a pig.

As would become our habit, we discussed our options with his parents.  After about 2 minutes of deliberation, mr. V and his parents announced we would be doing the renovations ourselves.  ‘Say what?!  But but but…can’t we just pay someone to do this quickly?  How long will it take?!  I don’t know how to do any of that!!!!’   

When my protestations fell on deaf ears I resorted to hysteria.  ‘PEOPLE, where do you expect me to pee?!!!’  As it turned out, the backyard.  FOR TWO WEEKS.

mr. V & his mother - only evidence of sponge city sweetheart

I am an unwilling participant but quickly enjoying it with every swing

mrs. V caught getting her hands dirty.  the horror.

Snipping tiles and filling in gaps

best deal - Costco vanity for fraction of the Resto Hardware price

New tub, tile and hardware

Current state - view from hallway

It is small & impossible to photograph

 Tall Stacks artwork by Richard Mantia


Not styled - dirty towels and bad light

In the end, it was worth the hard work.  It marked the beginning of my DIY ways.  I learned how to tile, grout, drywall, soldier plumbing, cut crown molding.  You know, all those finishy things that you take for granted when you walk into a bathroom.  Unless you've done them yourself.  Unless you've PEED in a bucket in the backyard for TWO WEEKS yourself.

kisses,  mrs. V

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