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My Elevator Speech

I read something pretty impactful yesterday.  Shannon Darrough, writer and social media extraordinaire of the lovely blog I Love Your Crazy, shared some insight that she gleaned from Alt Summit last week.  Lots of great tips for someone new to blogging like myself.  And so hoping to build my readership from twelve and make my mark in the world I sat down with pen in hand and began to feverishly scribble notes in my moleskin.  Yes, Katie, I still carry one wherever I go. 

Yep.  Yep.  Yep.  Nodding to myself with each tip.  Until I got to the last one.  Number 25 stated:

‘Make sure your readers know who you are and
what you stand for in 5 words or less.’

What the what?  5 words or less?  Impossible. I can’t even say my name in five words or less.  Well…technically yes but EMILY NICKELL VANDERPUTTEN sounds like at least 10 words.  I am known for many things but brevity is not one of them.  At the first hint of a story, mr. V in his not-so-subtle way, will say to me, 'any way we can speed this up?'

Me and Pieti.  Photo Credit: Amy Elizabeth Photography

Hmmm, who am I and what do I stand for?  Rather good question isn’t it?  But 5 words or less!  I will take a stab.

Attempt #1:  behavioral leadership consultant OUTDATED
Attempt #2:  creative stay at home mom  LAME
Attempt #3:  expert creator of piles  TOO REVEALING
Attempt#4:  admirer of all things shiny  SHALLOW
Attempt #5:  stage 4 hoarder OVER-EXAGGERATED
Attempt #6:  superlatively dramatic storyteller  NOT DRAMATIC ENOUGH
Attempt #7:  brilliant cooker and plant killer  PIETI'S WORDS AND NOT TRUE
Attempt #8:  compulsive chaser of new experiences IDEALISTIC
Attempt #9:  obessive detailer and serial re-decorator TOO TRUE
Attempt#10:  ina garten wanna-be DELUSIONAL
Attempt #11:  effortlessly chic party planner NOT YET
Attempt #12:  exuberant liver of life NOT SPECIFIC

And there goes my attention span.  Can't.  Do.  It.  At least not yet.  I can't tell you, dear readers, who I am in 5 words or less.  I also can't talk without waving my arms like a total spaz.

More of who I am next week.  But it still won't be under 5 words.

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Here's a teaser of an upcoming party Chez V style!

kisses,  mrs. V


The Land's said...

LOL I just had my co-workers look at me like I was crazy when I busted out laughing after reading the part where you "can't talk without waving my arms like a total spaz" I got an intstant visual of you doing that while telling the ka-ka-kow story LOL

mrs. V | Chez V said...

ha! Ka ka ka kow!