Life at Chez V

Scenes from the Weekend

Lots of various activities at Chez V over the weekend.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Grab a cup of coffee, there a lot.

a little garlic

 a little salt + a little mashing

butter + thyme + fresh cracked pepper


compound butter, you're my favorite friend

roll 'em up

wrap + refrigerate


sear hanger steaks + brush on melted butter + finish in oven
These plain janes are getting a makeover

middle of dance party - Pieti on air guitar

A little nip/tuck before the big bash

sewing is 90% ironing 10% sewing - boring!

mr. V gets to have all the fun

while I am back to ironing - boring times 2!

Piet agrees - she wants to stick her finger in the machine - fun!

A little table dressing for the upcoming bash!!!

And finally, congrats to the winner of the tumblers:

Lucky #15 is Caroline B!!  Fenton, send me an email at emily.nickell@gmail.com with your address and whether you want the MR & MRS or if you want an initial.  Thanks to all who entered!

kisses,  mrs. V

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