Stump Planters for Sale! And a Chinoiserie Acrylic Tray

Stump Planters or Where I Tried to Cut my Fingers Off

Stump Planter update:  These bad boys are much harder to make than I ever anticipated.  And time consuming.  I have huge admiration for my mother-in-law who is wholly unafraid of super sharp spinny power tools that cut off fingers if you look at them sideways.  I was shredded into a wood chip mess just hollowing out one of these tree stumps and I was terrified the entire time.

I am much better suited to frippery and finesse which means I much prefer the light sanding aspects, sealing, and planting.  Which is to say, I much prefer to be the granny opening the donuts as opposed to the one making the pancakes and trying to catch cigarette ash with her turner.

please ignore the dirty glass top - impossible to keep clean with a 3 yr old!

I am not even joking that most of the elder men in mr. V's family, having a predilection for wood working, are missing part of a finger or two.  The German and the Dutch are some bad ass mo fo's.

That being said, I have 5 of these super awesome and totally one-of-kind Stump Planters available for purchase.  Local (Cincy/Dayton/NKY areas)  purchases are obviously easiest but I can inquire as to shipping costs for anyone who simply must have one or 5 of these awesome sauce things!  Each one is totally unique with natural splits.  The inside is lined with copper and the outside has a light seal to make it weather resistant.  But like all wood, will decompose over time if left out in the elements.  All the wood came from fallen trees on my MIL's property.

I call him Frodo and he is my fav - I will have a hard time parting with him!

So many possibilities with these bad boys.  Last Spring we took 2 to the local nursery to fill with succulents for a charity auction and the owner  went nuts!  Succulents are perfect for these because of the shallow depth and look very cool and they are all the rage right now.  Mother's Day is around the corner.  Fill one with a Maiden Hair fern or moss for a softer look!

This is pre-sealer so the color is lighter

Email me if you are interested.  For you, my faithful readers, they are $300 here for a limited time.  Once they hit Etsy they will be higher given the labor and workmanship involved to make one.  First email first serve, so to speak.  And if you are local and lazy and a procrastinator, I can even plant it for you!  $350 for a planted container.

Approx 8 x 13 acrylic tray - $50 plus shipping

ps - I have one of these chinoiserie acrylic trays for sale as well.  Perfect Mother's Day gift.  Email me.

looks good with baubles too!

kisses, mrs. V

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