Life at Chez V - A Pragmatic Birthday Approach

Never Say Never

All the finger and toe crossing in the world didn’t prevent the inevitable which is to say that I also succumbed to the vomit show.  Talk about the pits.  I still don’t feel right with the world.  So please excuse my unexplained absence.

In other news, The Monster is turning 4 this weekend.  I am really into parties and birthdays but I am very glad that my cousin is hosting the Derby/birthday party this year instead of me.

Admittedly, at first, I was sort of bummed not to be hosting my Derby bash, which conveniently coincides closely with Pieti’s birthday.  But after this past week of enduring sickness and exhaustion at Chez V (I am currently suffering another round of insomnia on the heels of that creeping crud - at last count I haven’t slept 4 nights in the last 6), I couldn’t even imagine planning/hosting a party 4 days from now.

From a previous joint birthday party I hosted for Pieti and Lew

that party was a 'Bubbles and Bubbly' birthday/Mother's Day fete

The party, falling on May 5th, is aptly a Derby de Mayo party this year.  Pieti’s birthday is a day apart from her cousin Lewis, so for simplicity sake, we are celebrating Derby, birthdays, and Cinco de Mayo in one fell swoop.

In the past, I was one of those smug creative types who swore up and down to never have a licensed character birthday party – you know, of the Dora/Thomas/Spongebob/Hello Kitty variety.  But her cousin is REALLY into Super Mario right now and Pieti is in between obssessions, so Super Mario it is for the children’s portion of the day’s festivities.  And I, for one, am in no shape to object.

In addition to some of my traditional Derby Party fare, I am also contributing the gift bags for the kiddos.  At least in this, I can exercise my creative muscles a bit.  Because frankly, that Super Mario stuff is super spendy.

So this week, I am never saying never and happy to do so.

kisses, mrs. V

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