The Scout Report - Items on My Radar

The Scout Report or The Ones That Got Away

mr. V found the car of his dreams the other day on Craigslist. He is an avid car enthusiast with a penchant for old muscle cars and custom street rods, especially old wagons.  This particular car was a 50’s Nova wagon for a great price.  But having two old cars already in the garage, he just couldn’t justify jumping on the opportunity.  But he talked about it all day.  He returned to the pictures more than a few times.  The next day his resolve had crumbled enough that he wanted to show me the pictures.  And *poof* it was gone.  In less than 24 hours, the car of his dreams was gone.  His car buddy/mentor told him that he would have bought it regardless.  He advised that you just can’t pass up a one-of-a-kind good deal even if you don’t have the room or money for it.  ‘You find a way,’ he admonished.

I told mr. V that this is much the same way with antiques or vintage one-of-a-kind finds.  Sometimes you just can’t pass it up if you know it to be a great find/good deal/unique piece/something you love beyond comprehension  even if you don’t have a spot for it.  You will always find a place.  mr. V used to scoff when I would drag home yet another chair in need of more than just a little TLC or another lamp.  Or artwork, come to think of it.  But finally he sort of understands…

I am constantly on the lookout for interesting things.  And I usually snap them up if they are that good.  But there are those rare occasions that I am forced to let the ONE get away.  And it is devastating.

Here are a few that I passed on but have not left my thoughts for one minute…

I witnessed 10 clueless women walk right by this!

as seen here in Lonny

my clueless but lovely friend said, 'but that is old!'  DUH!

like this one in Lonny

I would paint this in high gloss/lacquer and use it in my dream walk-in boudoir

or as a unique kitchen island like Rachel Halvorson did!

like David Jimenez did!

my obsession with lamps knows no end or my
undying love for all things chinoiserie

picture does not capture true size of this unique sucker - and whichever
sucker was selling it obviously knows nothing about lampshade proportions

this is massive at 48" across - bigger than my entire house but AWESOME!

that's what he said!

he came home with me - I CAN NOT resist brass either...
anyone dyed or spray painted a shade???

I don’t have a place for him, but never fear…

kisses, mrs. V

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