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The latest Lonny is out.  Very good form.  My favorites were Christy Ford’s home and the house that Jamie Meares designed.  I first discovered And George during the Cottage Living (RIP) days and have since fallen in love with and followed Christy and her mother’s work via their blog.  

they are both big fans of animal prints, blue and white, and slipcovers

they also both love French opaline glassware - this collection has been featured a few times in various incarnations

love the clean lines of the kitchen but I first went mad for the shelled up bust over Christmas!
they detailed its incarnation here

And George shop in Charlottesville

And I have already blabbed about my love for Ms. Meares here.  So excited to see her get a huge feature.  She is so bananas good.  Wish I could get all Furbed up…

I was just talking about ginormo chandeliers yesterday!

those striped wingbacks, the red lanterns, and the wall color!!!
blue and white! wallpaper! color!  lamps!

um, everything!  her combination of pattern and color is really amazing
those drapes are awesome

If you are friends with me on FB then you will already know that I found an incredible deal on Ralph Lauren lamps yesterday for $119 each!!!!  Lonny featured one for $945.

these are gorgeous and a steal, people!  my spending freeze prevents me from bringing these home at the moment...so so sad.

In other news, I read The Living End by Robert Leleux (writer for Lonny) a few months ago and loved it.  If you are into memoirs and disfunction this is a good one.

Happy Friday peeps!

kisses, mrs. V

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