The Food Chronicles - Strawberry Country Cake

What to do With Fresh Berries?

The Monster and I hit up the farmer’s market on Tuesday and came home with plenty of fresh goodies, one of which was a lovely pint of strawberries.  Is there anything better than REAL strawberries?  I am not talking about those underripe plumped up gobs of texture that you get at the grocery.

They were so good just rinsed and plopped right into our waiting gobs but we had scads so I thought a summer treat featuring these berries would be fitting.  I wanted to try something new in favor of my usual strawberry shortcake go to.  And who do I turn to in times of need?  Ina, of course.

Enter the Strawberry Country Cake.  A low key no fuss cake that requires very little in the way of icing, my arch nemesis.  Fresh whipped cream is right up towards the tip top of life’s luxurious indulgences for me.  The sour cream combined with citrusy zests in the batter is the perfect counter point to the sweetness of the berries and cream.  Heaven.  Trust.

the recipe called for 40 - 45 minutes bake time;
I took mine out at 35 mins and it was a scosh overdone but still uber tasty

1st layer of yum

Run don’t walk to your nearest farm stand and whip this up for your 4th of July celebration.  Because everyone is probably going to do some version of a flag cake they saw on Pinterest.  If you must simply do the red, white, and blue thing, then me thinks that the addition of blueberries would be just fine too.

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kisses, mrs. V

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