Summer in Cincy Means Festival Time

Mr. Snappy Peanut and Other Random Carni Things

With the summer season comes the festival circuit.  And boy is Cincinnati mad for festivals. There is literally a festival every single weekend here during the summer.  If Pieti had her say, we would go every night of every weekend to a festival.  We limit it to a few but we have still managed to find ourselves becoming familiar with the various carni characters who run the game, food, and ride booths.  It seems they make the circuit rounds as well and the same folks return every year to run the booths.

festival faces

cotton candy goatee

Pieti is wondering why I look like a bug with Crystal Gale hair.
Seriously, get thee to the hair salon.

I am just so glad that Pieti is still too small to ride most of those crazy rides that look like they are held together with little more than duck tape and a prayer.  Sheesh.  

I suppose I am ok with the random swinging cars that have crazy googly eyes and painted lady lips while also covered with Flintstone characters, but nothing prepared us for Mr. Snappy Peanut this year.

Seriously, someone thought he was a good idea to recruit kids to come to the peanut drop on Saturday.  Too creepy for words.  And Pieti, who would gladly juggle flaming rusty nails, was in agreement.

All photos and layouts by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V


Three Sisterz said...

i love crystal gale. i always wondered how she managed such long hair. someone needs to do a 'where is she now' show on her.

Eddie Ross said...

So cute! Love the cotton candy photos.
Looks like so much fun.
xo E + J

Laura Zimmerman said...

Your hair is channeling me circa 1994. Just saying...