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A Sneaky Piet and a Few Thoughts on RHONJ

If I didn’t have Pieti the Piet Monster sneaking about all the time getting into everything, I would be doing more with this…

For now, I am sneaking moments to do a little here and a little there with it.  Here’s hoping the reality is greater than the sum of my vision.

In other news, is anyone watching RHONJ?  Is there anyone more bonkers than Teresa?  Talk about Hekyll and JydeShe is an even more prolific storyteller than Stephen King who has purportedly written more than 55 novels.  And I won’t even get into her abuse of the English language.  Her de facto response when being called on the carpet for her misbehaviors is to accuse the accuser of being crazy insane.  Pot and kettle.

Andy, more Rosie, please, if you want me to keep watching this trash.  Because watching Caroline call her daughter a butter beast and then watching her other ‘good looking’ (eeeewwww) offspring order pizza in front of said butter beast is just plain mean and boring.

kisses, mrs. V

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