Tales From the Projects - Enjoying my Sweat Equity

Morning Constitutional

On most mornings you will find me puttering around the yard.  Watering plants and such.  Drinking coffee and enjoying all the hard work that has gone into making Chez V a home.  When I first arrived on the scene, Chez V was the consummate bachelor pad with no curb appeal.  Slowly, we have tried to beautify both the inside and out.

Favorite spot to do some patio perching with a cup of coffee
For as much as I dream of having a bigger home with nicer things, I can say that I will be sad to leave Chez V if and when that day comes.  We have done almost all the work ourselves and every ounce of sweat equity has been worth it.  Makes each and every corner so much more meaningful.  By far, the outside projects have been the most arduous but the most satisfying.  With the exception of the big pines and maple trees, I have planted every tree, shrub, and plant on this property.  I jack hammered the front walkway, laid pavers, dug a back patio, laid lots more pavers, dug a 2,000 gallon pond with a shovel, and hauled 20,000 lbs of fieldstone from building sites to my backyard.  You can read more about the patio project here.

So every flower, every path, every arbovitae, every pebble has meaning.  And I really enjoy taking my morning constitutional around this tiny corner we’ve carved out for ourselves.

All photos by mrs. V
kisses, mrs. V

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