Holiday - A DIY Valentine Mug, Baked Goods & Flowers

Scenes from the Weekend – A Valentine Version

This weekend was all about Valentine’s Day and doing a few small gestures to show my loved ones that I care.

Since Spendy (ahem, me) is on an indefinite spending freeze, I had to get resourceful for mr. V this year.  I raided my stash of art supplies and the kitchen cabinets to come up with a simple DIY Valentine gift.

I had plans to wrap this in cello with a darling bow and tag but mr. V walked in as I was snapping a pic and scarfed up a huge handful of M & Ms.  ‘Yum,’ he said.  I will consider this zero cost gift a thumbs up.

I also wanted to bake something for him because he often grumbles that I only bake for special occasions that usually involve me taking the goods elsewhere.  Back into the flour for more abuse.  I had all supplies on hand so another score for Spendy!

I packed up a few of these for my family as well because I just can’t have a bunch of cupcakes sitting around Chez V begging ‘eat me!’

To me fresh flowers are one of life’s little necessary luxuries.  I almost always have some fresh flowers in the house.  But purchasing cut flowers each week can get pricey so often I will look to potted plants to get a little more lifetime with my dollar.  I picked up some potted spring bulbs for $6.00 and split them into 2 containers.  These hyacinth smell insanely good.

What plans do you have for Valentine's Day?
kisses,  mrs. V

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