Party Planning - It's all in the Details

Whirly Gigs and Zingers

For the big bash, I am incorporating a few details to make this party really special for my brother.  In my mind, making an occasion special is all about the details.  The little things that to a casual observer or acquaintance might get overlooked.  But for those in the know  - the ones that truly know the guest of honor - they get it.

Often I get heckled about perfecting the details.  My husband thinks it’s insane that I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning folding 20 tissue paper flowers in coordinating colors.  How about doing calligraphy and water color place cards for an outdoor brunch?  Or that I would labor for hours on the layout and colors of an invitation and the coordinating accents.  Finding just the right RGB combination can be maddening and gratifying at the same time!  Then there was the time I spent an entire week and dozens of trashed cupcakes in an attempt to get the right consistency and tone of icing to match the invitation.  Now, that last bit is probably a tad insane.

DIY pinwheels - these were harder to make than anticipated

The other day, I shared one such detail - the drink menu featuring drinks named after George's various nicknames.  Today I am sharing two more little details:  his love of pinwheels, and his one-liners.  George is infamous for his concise repartee. They have become part of our family lexicon over the years.  Everyone has been on the receiving end of one of his zingers.

These labels are destined for gold drink cups

I made the pinwheels by slightly modifying this tutorial by Amanda Jane Jones as seen on Oh Happy Day.  I printed a gold background rather than yellow for the back side of the striped paper and I used dowel rods rather than pencils b/c I needed something longer but that proved the tricky part b/c the little tacks I used were wimpy and crumpled a lot when I tried to hammer them into the dowels.  Lots of cursing ensued but I worked it out.

because everything is infinitely cuter in a smaller version

Big and mini together forever

So know this about me.  If I am throwing you a party, I am most definitely spazing about the details.  For all outward appearances it might even look like I am in pain from all the concentration and worry about getting it just so.  But all these tiny details are meaningful little gestures that speak volumes about you and my love for you.  After all, that is what giving a party is all about, showing you how much I really care.  And appearing to be a rockstar while doing it!

kisses,  mrs. V

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Amanda Jane Jones said...

thanks for sharing the link with me! Looks like blast. :) I can't believe you used dowel rods...I bet that was so hard to get the pin into! Looks great though. High five.