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Thumbs Up or Down?  Oscar Edition

Lots of arresting metallics, one shoulder numbers, and black seems to be back, baby.  I am probably the only one, but I wasn’t loving the white dresses this year.  And can we talk about Kelly Osbourne’s hair for a minute?  Seriously.  So dumb.


Rose Byrne
Rose was the most stunning of the night, for me.  This hair is the opposite of dumb.  Forget that fractured look - this is how you cut and style a bob!  For 2 disillusioned minutes, I actually  contemplated the possibility of getting my hair cut and dyed to match. 

Viola Davis
The green color is perfect for her skin tone.  I like how the top is structured and then the bottom gives way to that flowy accordian chiffon situation.

Glenn Close
Wow.  Is she ageless?!  This dark green tuxedo-ish dress is so good on her.

Leslie Mann
Another stunner for me.  Color is beautiful and her ponytail was gorgeous - not too high.

Octavia Spencer
The best she's looked this award season.  This dress is so flattering.  Her best accessory is not in the shot - that darling Tait Taylor.

Milla Jovovich
Sparkly.  Perfect shade of lips.  Understated accessories allow dress to really shine.

Giuliana Rancic
The details in this dress are incredible.  One of my favorites of the night.

Stacy Keebler
Statue-esque to say the least.  Loved this on her but if I am honest that little swirly rosette on the hip is dangerously close to looking like a cheese danish.

Ellie Kemper
Ordinarily I would hate a rusty color like this, but on her, with her coloring and that hair, it is truly stunning.

Cameron Diaz
This beige color is very risky for blondes.  Almost always, it looks like boogers.  But somehow, this worked.

Kristen Wiig
Most people poo pooed this look on Kristen but I thought she looked naturally beautiful.  She would have looked weird with an Oscar up-do.  


Emma Stone
Many of you will disagree.  But this red was all wrong for her hair color.  And that flouncy bow was distracting.

Michelle Williams

Even more of you will disagree.  I wanted to really really love this - and at first glance I did.  But then I kept looking at it and something just didn't work.  The coral color is very chic but unfortunately against a 'red' carpet fell flat.  And I don't love the bust area or the little skirting around the hips.

Rooney Mara

A structured skeleton.  Someone please give Rooney a sandwich.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Boring and safe and predictable for me.  Most will disagree.  Next.

Kate Mara
I don't understand the droopy off-shoulder accent on anyone.  It results in an ill-fitting look like your bra strap is constantly falling down.  And look at her shoulders - the sensation translates in her posture.

Penelope Ann Miller
Not flattering at all on any level.  Boogers.  Sparkly boogers.

Natalie Portman
A red piece of furniture for the red carpet.  In case Angie passes out from only eating air.

I get it.  You're sexy.  But not in this, doing that stupid pose 50 times.  Angie, men do not like skeletons.  They want a juicy ham hock not that malnourished chicken bone.  You were way more sexified with your curves.

Jessica Chastain
Another piece of furniture.  But for the record, I think you are gorgeous.

Penelope Cruz

Love the color but hated her hair.  My personal feeling is that this look aged her.

Shailene Woodley

Kelly Osbourne
I can't believe she is part of any fashion commentary.  I like her dress but that hair is beyond silly and the lip color is not good.

mrs. V has spoken.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Images from herehere, here, and here.

kisses,  mrs. V


Three Sisterz said...

hahaha! sparkly boogers. too funny.
angelina is ridiculous with that pose. she needs to eat and then get a new stylist.

guiliana needs to eat also. she looks like a cardboard cutout with someone else's big head on top.


Ann S. said...

Angelina put your leg away. Way to intentional for me. I loved, loved, love Melissa McCarthy's dress. Hated Rooney, Michelle and Emma but they are great acresses. Rooney needs to see some sun. Emma should not wear red. Loved Octavia Spencers but thought J Lo was similiar to a hooker extreme. Next year we should watch together - my daughters love to watch the red carpet.