That Layered Look - Artwork is Key

Artsy Fartsy not Shoe Boots...

Back in my singleton days, I used to size up a worthy adversary by his shoes.  If a man was wearing the wrong shoe, I didn’t give him a second glance.  True story:  After dating a very nice fireman for a few months, he showed up to dinner one evening wearing cowboy boots.  Which was all fine and dandy Sandy because it was the South and he was sort of rugged, albeit short, in that fireman-y kind of way.  But as we said our goodbyes in the parking lot he made the mistake of crossing his ankles.  Under the lights at Phipps Plaza I discovered, much to my horror, that he was not, in fact, wearing cowboy boots at all.  He was wearing shoe boots.  Like those ankle cowboy boots I wore in 1992.  I never returned another phone call. 

Think of me what you will.  But honey, there was no hope for him and I.  Yes, I could have changed his shoes over time, but I never could have changed his primal instinct to put on SHOE. BOOTS.   What can I say?  I judge a book by its shoes.  And while I am over sharing, I will go on to say that I judge a room by its artwork.

Artwork separates the men from the boys.  Or in this case, Lucchese cowboy boots from shoe boots.  Artwork is an essential layer to that collected-over-time look.  Artwork screams, looky, I am cool or quirky or artsy-fartsy or lucky enough to have inherited this old thing.  It can also scream, I get all my stuff at Hobby Lobby or I wear shoe boots!  Not that there is anything wrong with the place.  I get all kinds of things there just not my art.

Take a look at these spaces…

All 3 images Cathy Triant Buxton via NYSD

Elle Decor

Kristen Panitch Interiors

Look Linger Love

For the Love of a House
Lindsey Harper via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Artwork need not be expensive nor have a pedigree to make an impact.  Lindsey Harper picked up that piece at a thrift store for less than $100 smackers.  

I have found a lot of my artwork at flea markets and antique fairs for very resonableI picked the woman up at an antique mall for less than  $100 smackers.  I had that old frame on hand so I popped her in – et voila!  She is one of my favorites.  Tomorrow I will share some more from around Chez V.  And a note to self:  I need a large abstract pronto!
kisses,  mrs. V


Wendy said...

Laughing out loud because I totally remember that poor fireman! You were so disturbed by his shoe choice then, and I can tell it still haunts you today :)

Anonymous said...

When I met my now-husband he was wearing leather/velcro/platformy tevas. AND....he was out to meet you for drinks. Obviously, your kick-to-the-curb standards didn't apply to your guy friends. (thank goodness or who would make me laugh until I drive off the road?!)

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I begged him and Smasher not to wear those Fred Flintstone platform sandals to no avail. Apparently they both harbored the same desire as Tom Cruise - to appear to be 'taller' by wearing platforms.