Party Details and Super Bowl half-time recap

Boogie Down and Not So Much Boogie Down

The party was a smashing success.  THUMBS UP!  As George would say. Could not have pulled it off without the help of my mother and stepfather.  Thanks Momma for the use of your house!  And my dear cousin Jennifer helped me prep the food.

Here a few pre-party shots.  I apologize for the dark pics but it was a rainy day and I am NOT a photographer.


the bar

before I stocked it

the dining room

before the buffet was filled with food

Lots of good food, good peeps, loud music and TONS of dancing.  Many many laughs.  I could hardly walk yesterday after dancing in 4” heels all night but it was sooo worth it.  Clearly I am not 22 anymore. 

Nor are you Madonna.  Even though my infamous high kicks have often resulted in broken heels or a busted butt, they are WAY better than your sad attempts at kicking.   Did you really do yoga for all those years?   I mean, I get that you are trying to concentrate on remembering the words to songs that are 20 years old, and that all those injections prevent your lips from actually moving, and shimmying around a stage in those high heeled boots can prove tricky.  But when it takes you 10 minutes to do one cartwheel, it is time to re-think your ‘performance.’ 

What did you think of her performance?  Because according to FB some people thought she rocked.  Were they watching the same show or just 3 sheets to the wind by half-time?!

Note:  I used to be a Madonna fan.  But that was long ago, before she started feigning a British accent. 

kisses,  mrs. V


caroline (fenton) said...

I continue to be amazed by your talent and creativity. I need you in connecticut as my personal party planner!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Thanks Fenton! BTW - did you want the MR & MRS tumblers or do you want a 'B.' Send me an FB message with your mailing address. Thanks!