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The Chez V  Way of Life

What is it all about?  This is a recurring question I get asked after people discover that I have a blog.  It is tauntingly similar to that pesky Elevator Speech thingy – the whole ‘who you are in 5 words or less’ - that I have been contemplating everyday since Chez V hit the interwaves.

Life at Chez V is not all rainbows and unicorns as life can so often seem through the rose colored lens of a blogger, particularly the ones who have it all going on.  I can assure you that I do not have much of anything going on excepting a crazypants laugh.  

photo credit:  Amy Elisabeth Photography

But we do have fun over here and everyday, I strive to do something better, to learn something new, and make little moments meaningful for anyone who happens to come into my orbit.  I operated much the same way in my professional life as well.  Every exchange with a colleague was an opportunity to kick some k-nowledge back and forth; to inspire and be inspired.

And that, my dear friends, IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.  The Chez V philosophy is about being inspired and inspiring others to live a well-lived and entertaining life, one little moment at a time. 

If I was forced at gunpoint to distill that philosophy down to 5 words or less, then it would be this:  SEEING, FEELING, CHANGING.

When I SEE or experience something wonderful, that makes me FEEL something.  And that emotion inspires me to CHANGE - to do something.  It might be to change myself, my world view, my interiors, or my nearest friend in need. It might even be that I end up painting my bedroom while I am cleaning out the fridge.  Changing and improving something everyday. 

Mary McDonald - a picture that inspired a dinner party

SEEING, FEELING, CHANGING is about evoking emotions.  Setting a blue and white table is not just about creating a pretty tableau.  That tablescape is meant to provide a warm welcome, to evoke a sense of togetherness, of belonging, of community.  The meal that ensues serves to provide comfort and succor.

And experiencing a burger over charcoal, might just trigger memories of childhood camping trips, evoking that initial sense of wonder at cooking outside.  And it just might get you to change the way you grill your burgers next time.

This is why I share.  Even when I feel vulnerable about putting things 'out there.'  Even when I feel lonely because I am not sure if anyone is really reading this stuff.  I share because I hope to inspire someone with things that inspire me.   To see and to feel and to change. 

kisses,  mrs. V

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Romance, Romance, Romance said...

We are reading, damn us, we might not be saying anything but we are reading. You are so right, it takes a brave soul to get out here on the Net and do what you do. I for one am enjoying every word, every experience you blog about. Thank you, brave soul for sharing.