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New England Style Details

This little spot of warm weather has me pining for Summer in a big way.  Last Summer, Pieti and I took a jaunt up to Maine to visit my aunt.  Aside from all the beachy goodness, I found myself obsessing a bit over the architecture.  Lots of shingles, clapboarding, and worn saturation that comes from prolonged exposure to the elements.  Let’s take a look…

Ogunquit along the Marginal Way

Ogunquit along the Marginal Way

Perkins Cove

Even the storefronts were inspiring - especially in Kennebunkport.  And I discovered one of the coolest shops around.


Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport - so cool!

That store in the LH part of the picture with the striped awning is the Daytrip Society.  I stumbled in there and what a treasure trove of cool and considered things.  They have a great kids store too just around the corner. Lucky for you they have a website so you can experience a bit of what I am talking about.

B & B up the street from the village center

Little moments of joy everywhere - the red doors, hanging plants, and profusion of hydrangeas

A photographers studio - something about the bike and that upper open door slayed me

the green on the church doors!

Nott House in the village of Kennebunkport - complete with old ladies gardening!

Now, the houses from the village of Kennebunkport.  My traditional loving heart died and went to heaven.

oh, that cobble lined drive...

spectacular colors everywhere you looked

red on a garage door.  yes!  paired with taupey gray clapboards and inky blue shutters.

another statement garage door - hard to see but it is a rich brown on a lemony yellow house

the carriage house situation here is awesome and huge - half of it is cut off the picture

I just need a moment with these lanterns

white picket fence and garden flowers, you slay me

To those Kennebunkport residents who looked askance at a crazy person snapping pictures of your homes, I say 'sorry.'  Not to worry, I am not casing the joint.  I was merely walking some more tree-lined streets and dreaming away again.

All pictures taken by me.

kisses,  mrs. V

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Three Sisterz said...

Great pictures! We have vacationed on Cape Cod for a couple years and visited my sister who lived in Massachusetts. The architecture is very similar to those in your pictures and I just love it!