Life at Chez V - Weekend Edition

Scenes From the Weekend

Pardon the radio silence.  These unseasonably warm days have us whistling Dixie over here.  We have been outside most of the time blowing bubbles, spreading grass seed, and grilling out.  Is there anything better than the smell of the grill wafting in through the windows?

bubble machine + pedal car = hours of entertainment

We’ve enjoyed lots of fresh guac and hand cut fries with spicy ketchup.  And the first mouthwatering grilled salmon of the season.  We are a charcoal family now that our mondo grill went kaput.  I can’t believe we spent hundreds of dollars on a big stainless steel gas grill that lasted only 3 years.  The gas rails rusted out over time and it costs more to buy the replacement parts than to purchase a new grill. 

mr. V has preached about the virtues of charcoal over gas for years but I was a skeptic primarily for the ease of use.  Who has the time to wait for the charcoal?!  I loved being able to push a button and grill away.  But that was BEFORE.  Before I had a burger grilled over hardwood lump charcoal.  What a revelation.  Everything tastes so much better over charcoal.  But not those nasty briquette things and definitely no lighter fluid!

olive oil, s & p, and garlic for hand cut fries on the grill

spicy ketchup

We officially became a Weber/chimney starter/natural lump charcoal grilling family last summer.  And when we do our outdoor fireplace situation in the future, we are planning on accommodating a grill rack in that business.

rocket balloons

What's good enough for Ina is good enough for me!  So what kind of grilling family are you?  Do you prefer gas or charcoal?

kisses,  mrs. V

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