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Mash Up Results – Big Photos are Good

As predicted, Wendy was the only one who correctly identified Waldo.  What this result tells me: Wendy is the only one who pays any attention to my mindless drivel or possibly that she has known me so long that she can actually follow my tangential points.  I very much appreciate that you also manage to always find time to leave me a comment.  Thanks, WenAhem, I would love to hear from the rest of you!

So, for those who missed where I was going with Friday's post, or for those just joining the broadcast, welcome and let me trip your memory…

Photo Credit: Jamie Meares

In February, I posted about blowing up one of my pictures from our pond.  See the similarities?  Seeing that big photo of the water lily and frog in Nathan Turner's store solidified my instinct that a huge photo would look great in the kitchen over the banquette.  But what makes it really meaningful is that these are pictures that I took of the pond that I built.

I think I love the one above with that fishy peaking out from under the cream water lily.  Wendy said she preferred the top one - again, thanks Wen for chiming in when I asked you kind folks for your opinion.

This mash up exercise echoes my earlier assertion that art doesn’t have to be spendy to make an impact.  If it is meaningful, it will add life to your interiors and tell part of your story.  Your passions, your travels, your family history, or your HARD work.  

In another synchronous twist, Alison of MLHP also happened to post on Friday about the exact same picture taken of Nathan's store.  We were both rocked by that space for similar but different reasons.  Art is personal and subjective.  Alison is stalking lemons and I am all about the lilies.  Both good because they are meaningful to each of us.  BTWs – jump on over to My Little Happy Place.  Longtime reader of hers.  She is Brazil-liant b/c she is very talented and lives in Brazil.  Dreamy.  Thanks Alison for your comment!

So I will kindly ask you again.  Which photo would you choose to blow up?  Cuz I want to be Brazil-liant like Alison and Nathan.

kisses,  mrs. V


Three Sisterz said...

i would blow up either the first one or the third one! All of the pictures are beautiful though!


Peggy said...

I love the fish - maybe because I am drawn to pops of orange lately!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't commented, Emily. I just lurk trying to pick up some good tips for around the house that I can use to impress my wife. I like the first picture the best-I would put that one on my wall if you were selling them.
Dan Schauer

mrs. V | Chez V said...

You were always super smart Dan. Glad to see you still are! Impressing the wife is always a good thing. Thanks for visiting. Hadn't thought about selling any photos - hmmm...