A Mash Up Quiz

Where Thumbs Up Becomes Let’s Be Friends Becomes Where's Waldo?

I will say up front that this week’s edition of Thumbs Up or Down has nothing to do with fashion or style.  I mean, haven’t we had our fill this week with the whole Oscar business?  So, instead, I am going to talk about me and my brazilliant ideas.  Shocker.

Just yesterday I was saying to one of my dears, ‘great minds think alike.’  Well, looky loowho at this picture of Nathan Turner’s new store in LA. 

Jump back, Jack.  What do you notice here?  A big spastic high five to anyone who gets where I am going with this one.  If you've been reading along then you will know.  Can you find the Waldo to which I am referring?

Jamie Meares of I Suwannee fame posted that picture of Nathan's store today.  Let’s pause for a quick shout out.   I have been reading her blog for a few years now because home girl is funny and has mad skills.  If you aren't already reading her, check her out.  Jamie Meares is a rock star.  She's been featured all over the place.  I want to be friends with her, and if I lived in Raleigh I would be spending benjies I didn’t have at Furbish for lots of her upholstered stuffs.  And an Ikat shower curtain, in pink please.  I have one of these.  And these.

her bar at home for cripes sakes!

Plus she got to go to LA and play nicey in the sandbox with all sorts of cool kids and see some insanely good stuff.  Which leads us back to Nathan Turner.  Another rock star.  Duh, I want to be friends with him too.  Can you just imagine a Nathan, Mary McDonald, and mrs. V sandwich of dramatic tomfoolery?  No matter, I can.

Anyway, all’s I am saying is THUMBS UP to great minds that think alike.  Like Nathan and I.  So, where’s Waldo?  And as I asked before, which one would you choose?

mary and nathan image via here.

kisses,  mrs. V


Three Sisterz said...

Ack! I can't figure it out!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Court - It's like a scavenger hunt. You must go back through old posts to see what I am talking about...

Wendy said...

It's gotta be that fabulous pic on the wall. Looks amazingly similar to the one I told you was my favorite for you to frame for your wall.


adrienne1 said...

You wanna rip your face off cause the texture of that lamp is panic-inducing?

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Snooz - I laughed out loud! Only you would find something panic inducing in a beautiful setting.

alison giese Interiors said...

Um...the lemon print? If that's it, can I work a timeshare with you? ;) But, you said it was something else??? Hmmmm....

BTW, thank you for the very sweet comment you left me the other day!

alison g.