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‘Where Cool Stuff Happens’ is the name of one of my pinboards – all things office.

I have a dream of one day claiming our office for my very own.  Right now it houses a mish mash of toys, desks, towering computer parts, a daybed, and the closet…where all things go to die.  Pieti calls it the avalanche closet.  You can imagine why.

But now that I am a budding writer, I think I need a fabulous space to reflect my fabulous taste!  Sort of kidding here, but not really.  Right now I blog from the kitchen and it’s not a great look.  I am a firm believer that energizing and orderly spaces inspire great and more efficient work.  All that lean 5S indoctrination is hard to shake.

is there anything more sads than visible computer parts?

Take a look at this office space of Meredith Heron - I stumbled across this via Marcus Design.  Meredith is an interior designer from Toronto, Canada and her office was featured recently in Chloe Magazine.  She also has a fantastic blog.  After reading just a little bit I know for certain we would be fast friends.  Plus, she did a spot on post about valuing a professional's time and expertise.  As a sometime consultant, albeit in a different field, this really resonated with me.

So many good things happening in here.  To start with, the WALLPAPER – Tanzania from Thibaut.  Talk about energizing.  I am so into it!

The black bookcase - definite nod to Jeffrey Bilhuber with the yellow Nat Geo magazine styling.   And let me just say, for the record, I am a huge fan of hanging artwork from bookcases.

After looking at this detail shot, I think the inside of the bookcases would also look smashing in a gold leaf-ish tone.  Minus the yellow accents, in this case, of course.

The over dyed blue rug.  I am a big fan of these over dyed rugs which have been popping up everywhere and this one is no exception but I sort of love the colors of the Persian from the second detail shot.  Perhaps the two were swapped out at some point?  I just like the depth that the Persian lends to the room and that hint of red.

And those drapes.  Apparently she has had these for 6 years, having had them custom made previously for a design show.  They have eyelash fringe between the stripes.  EYELASH fringe!  Have you met me?!  EYELASH fringe!  And it goes without saying that any broad who sees the wisdom in having a bar in her office is a good broad in my book!

kisses, mrs. V


Shannon Darrough said...

Great minds think alike! Love this office!

Commercial Space Experts said...

Having those images and office ideas is a good start when it comes to choosing business locations or even a workspace for your personal career! Two thumbs with on your choices and hope you will be able to come up with the perfect office soon!

Unknown said...

The walls definitely caught my eye. I'm not into patterned wall designs, but I will make an exception on this one. The wall complements the pieces and colors in the space and created a neat workstation.