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Thumbs Up or Down?  Trend Edition

Let’s talk about trends for a minute.  I am a firm believer that if you buy things that you truly LOVE they will never go out of style because they are a reflection of you.  These things that you truly LOVE become your own classics over the years.  Your personal classics become the foundation upon which you define your style, both in fashion and your interiors.

As the new trends come along, it gives us an opportunity to reinvent ‘our’ classics in a fresh way.  My imposed newly found spendthriftyness has helped me curb my sometimes tendency to impulse shop the latest thing. 

Yesterday, in a fit of compulsion, I reorganized my pile of shoes.  What that really means is I moved tumbling piles from here to there.  I discovered a treasure trove of trendyness among shoes that I have had FOR YEARS.  Brilliant.  I don’t have to spend a dime and I am instantly relevant with some of my own classics!

For example, let’s take NEONS.  Neon is hitting the streets in a big way this spring.  I don’t really do neons.  They don’t mix well with my coloring or my interiors.  So I won’t be rushing out to purchase some boxy 80’s neon splashed silk shirt or day glow graffiti-splattered pillow covers for the couch.  However, that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate a pop of it here and there by way of accessory.  Enter the neon green loafer.  I threw these on with a colored jean yesterday.  4 different people complimented the shoe and inquired about where I purchased them.  I purchased these preppy little numbers in 2004.  8 YEARS ago.  Boo-ya!

ANIMAL PRINTS.  Obessed with animal prints for years. In fact, one of my dearest friends loves to poke fun of my love for all things  leopard.  In mrs. V’s book, animal prints work as neutrals.   Of all the shoes in my closet, these get the most ooh’s and aah’s by a million miles.  And that is saying a lot b/c I have some trophy kicks.   Another dear friend took one look at these and knew I had to have them.  We rushed out immediately and I bought the last pair in Atlanta in 2005.  7 years ago and these are still going strong!

BALLET FLATS.  Staples in my closet.  These pointy toe cockroach killers started that obsession in 2003.  Yep.  Bought at a sample sale in 2003 much to my mother’s chagrin.  Oh, well, we used to wear those in the 60’s.  Her way of saying, UGLY.  But I lurve the pointy and the teeny tiny bows.  Well worn and much adored.

These camel cap toes are worn almost daily.

SPARKLE.  I am a magpie, easily distracted by all things sparkly and shiny.

PREPPY BOWS.  Will always harbor an affinity for bows stemming from my 80’s staple of grograin bows in my ponytail.  Purchased in 2007.

POP OF COLOR.  For the record, I hate that saying as much as I hate ‘depth of flavor.’  But pop they do.  And they are pink.  Enough said.  Purchased in Chicago in 2004. 

And these Italian beauties debuted  on the white carpet – the one that lead me to mr. V.  In 2005, the thought of wearing a shoe other than white at your wedding  was blasphemy.  My shoes cost more than my dress and were the basis for my entire wedding.

JEWEL TONES.  These purple beauties came to me in 2001.  I pet them often.  The brown ones are frenchy french purchased in 2005.

So with Chez V economic lockdowngate happening, I will be shopping my own closet to give my classics a facelift for 2012 and beyond.  THUMBS UP to purchasing things that you TRULY TRULY LOVE because they will stand the test of time!

kisses,  mrs. V

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