Real Life at Chez V - acrylic trays, sewing box cushions and branding

Because mrs. is a Writer, Now!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Magic Marker Monster.  While I was busy editing another post, this was happening behind me and well, I just can never resist my monster…

Also up to my eyeballs in various projects.  More details later but just know that we have been ripping up a lot of seams – turns out making HUGE box cushions is a little more involved than just sewing four pieces of fabric together.  Still trying to perfect those trays and a little branding is also happening around these parts.

Sheesh…being a very serious writer/tastemaker is also a little more involved than just typing out my insane interior monologues.  I have taken to puffing out my chest with a rather self-important huff, and declaring, not now mr. V, I am writing! Pretty sure I am going to start wearing a monocle.

Because, if I am being honest, as it turns out, blogging is a real commitment and we all know how great I am with commitmentSitting down every day to come up with interestingly honest and entertaining bits is tough.  I have a better appreciation for real writers and journalists.  Shout out to you, the other mrs. V!
kisses,  mrs. V

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