The Winter Blues

Beat It Old Man Winter

Does anyone else get a mean case of the sads in Winter?  OVER it!  Admittedly, we haven’t had a bad one here in the Ohio Valley but if the weather isn’t sunny and 70 I am most likely breaking out in depression-induced hives.

Chez V’s front stoop is crying for a Springtime facelift of upright ferns highlighted by a blush of tulips.

Our trio of kabouters want to pop against a chartreuse carpet of Creeping Jenny rather than be washed out in snow.

Photo by Amy Elisabeth Photography

To battle cabin fever, Pieti & I venture down to the river often.  Even if it is cold, we skip, hop and throw stones. 

Photo by Amy Elisabeth Photography

There is beauty to be found everywhere even in Winter but we anxiously hunt for the first signs of Spring.

I am fascinated by the sycamores along the river - the texture and colors!

To tide me over, I am thinking of blowing up one of our pond pictures to hang on the wall above the kitchen banquette.  Adjacent is a huge picture window overlooking the pond.  I like the idea of a little wink and nod to the view.

What do you guys think?  And which one would you choose?  I need your help.

kisses,  mrs. V

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Wendy said...

The top picture would be my choice. Love that pic! I like that the flower is the center of attention, but you can also see the fish enjoying life.

Hope all is well! Love ya!