Paper Love - Valentine's

Pulp Fiction – A love affair with paper

I am crazy about paper, design and typography.  Of the many callings I missed, graphic design was one.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed when I applied to college.  No!  I am not 100. I just got bum rushed into pre-med.  Instead of slogging through organic chemistry I could have been learning something useful like Illustrator or how to find the Enter button on a Mac.

I made a notepad with these

In spite of my narrow guidance, I have learned my way around a program or two and as a result, design paper goods for folks from time to time.  Any occasion really, is enough for me to design stationary or a tag or label or tote!  Oh, you stubbed your toe?  ‘WATCH OUT, bum toe’ tags might appear on your doorstep.  Horseback riding at Jen’s farm?  ‘HAPPY SPRING’ labels for cookie bags will definitely make an appearance.

Gift tags for client

Teacher note cards paired with green envelopes

So I have been putting my obsession to good use at Pieti’s pre-school.  Her teachers received personalized note cards at Christmas along with an etched glass ornament (duh)!  And now - Valentine’s!!!!  I made this simple card for her hand outs.  It will have a pink/red Tootsie Pop attached with ribbon.

The PNG image is altering the font a bit but you get the idea

But I also started messing around with a few other ideas...

Got the dragonfly and bee graphics from here.

So what about you guys?  Are you making any Valentine's cards this year?  Stayed tuned for more V Day love.  I am going back into the kitchen for more baking abuse!
kisses,  mrs. V

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