The Food Chronicles and getting the axe

You’re Fired!

What is up with the rampant firings?  First, I went all spastic and axed the sauce.  For the record, it has been NINE days of no carbs and booze at Chez V.  I am cranky.  This is such a dreadful bore.  It is like watching  X Factor without crazy pants Paula Abdul.  Really boring. 

Oh, wait.  She just got fired.  And so did Nicole ScherzingerServes ya right for that Rachel Crow business.  And so did Nate BerkusTalking’s not your bit.  Stick with your dynamo design team.  But what is this world coming to when Martha gets cannedActually I’m with Hallmark on this one.  You’ve never really connected with a live studio audience.

But getting back to me, while axing the sauce has definitely been a hitch in my giddy up, it does have its merits.  3 more pounds off the scale.  Less bloat.  And better sleep.  But if you happen upon me at DLM don’t be concerned if I am walking round in circles by the front entrance.  I am merely trying to inhale the fresh baked bread by osmosis.

In other news, I have started to run again.

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kisses,  mrs. V

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