Life at Chez V - Artwork

Corners of Chez V – the Art Edition

Top of the mid-morning to you!  As promised, here are some pictures of the art around these parts.

The stuff on the walls at Chez V definitely has a more traditional flavor as I tend to gravitate toward oil paintings.  But I am an equal opportunity art lover.   If it resonates with me, I will slam it on the wall.  In fact, I have to constantly edit because I have more art than I have room for on my walls.  I have stuff piled everywhere, tucked in closets, under the bed, and even on top of my armoire.


I come by my hoarding skills naturally.  I don’t think my mother has  one inch of her walls bare.  But in her defense, she has a rather impressive collection of stuff.

What about you?  What type of art do you like and where do you find it?
kisses,  mrs. V


Maggie said...

Again, glad to have found this blog! Love your artwork and forwarded the picture you've got of the nude bather to a friend. She'll love this one!

Most of our "collection" was inherited, but along the way we've found some really wonderful artists and collected bits and pieces of their work. All ranges of $$$, but first and foremost it must work for us. Your pieces are many, but all look like they've been chosen to be put in special places around your home. Really impressive.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Maggie - you are right. Art must work for each of us. So personal, no? Likewise, some of mine is inherited, some picked up for varying $ and some is actually my own work. I only wish I had more wall space. I am dangerously close to hoarding territory - ha! I am just so drawn to it wherever I go that it is hard to resist...